Health Data Privacy Statement

Effective Date: March 25, 2024

We know your privacy is important to you, and our aim with this privacy statement is to help you make informed choices about your consumer health data. In the event there are circumstances where some of the information we process is “consumer health data” under Washington’s My Health My Data Act and other similar state laws, this privacy statement explains what consumer health data we collect about you, what we do with it, and how you can exercise your rights regarding such data. This applies to such consumer health data, whether we collect it online or through hardcopy means.

You can navigate to any of the sections of this privacy statement using the links below:

A. Consumer health data we collect

B. Sources of consumer health data

C. Our purposes for collecting and using consumer health data

D. Our sharing of consumer health data

E. How we will notify you of material changes to this privacy policy

F. Your rights regarding your consumer health data

The data we collect depends on your interactions with Bayer. Because consumer health data may be defined broadly, many of the categories of data we collect may also be considered consumer health data.

This may include information about:

  • Individual health conditions, diseases, diagnosis, testing, or treatment (including surgeries, procedures, and medications)
  • Use or purchase of prescription or over the counter medication
  • Vital signs, symptoms, or measurements of bodily functions
  • Reproductive or sexual health information
  • Biometric data
  • Other information that may be used to infer or derive data related to the above or other health information

As described further in the section “Sources of personal data” in our Privacy Statement, we collect personal data (which may include consumer health data) directly from you, from your interactions with our Site, and from third parties whom you have permitted to share data with us.

We collect and use consumer health data to provide you with the products and services you have requested from us, with your consent, or as otherwise permitted under applicable law. For instance, we may also use consumer health data for advertising or marketing purposes where you have consented to such use, such as to send you surveys or information on our products and promotions.  For more information about how we use your personal information, including consumer health data, please see “Our Purposes for processing personal data” in our Privacy Statement.

We may disclose each of the categories of consumer health data described above, where allowed by applicable law. For example, we may disclose consumer health data with your consent or as reasonably necessary to provide you with a product or service that you have requested or authorized.

We also disclose consumer health data with the following categories of parties:

  • With our affiliates and other companies in which we have an economic interest or ownership rights, including Bayer AG and its subsidiaries.
  • With others working for us, which includes service providers that:
    • provide an online chat service
    • send communications for us
    • provide analytics services, and
    • execute marketing programs and promotions
  • For legal purposes,  such as law enforcement or other government entities as required by law.
  • As part of a corporate restructure, such as a liquidation, reorganization, merger, sale of the company, consolidation, change of control, asset or stock acquisition/disposition, or other corporate combination. If that happens, we will use reasonable efforts to make sure the transferee uses your information in a manner consistent with this privacy statement.
  • With other entities where you give us your permission. 

If we make material changes to this privacy policy, we will post it on the Site and include the effective date of the update.

This section describes how to exercise rights regarding your consumer health data.

You may have the following rights in accordance with applicable law:

(a) Right to Know: The right to know whether we collect, share, or sell your consumer health data
(b) Right to Access: The right to access your consumer health data that we have in our possession, including a list of all third parties and affiliates with whom we have shared or sold your consumer health data
(c) Right to Withdraw Consent: The right to withdraw consent from our collection and sharing of your consumer health data 
(d) Deletion: The right to request deletion of your consumer health data 
(e) Correction: The right to request changes to your consumer health data

To exercise your Right to Know, Access, Correct, and Delete please contact us here. To submit a request regarding your other rights, you can contact us here, or call us at 844-BAYER-DP (844-229-3737). You do not have to create an account with us to submit a request.

We reserve the right to deny requests in certain circumstances, such as where we have a reasonable belief that the request is fraudulent, where your identity cannot be confirmed, or where we must retain your information to comply with legal obligations.

If we refuse to act on your request regarding your consumer health data, you have the right to appeal such refusal. You may indicate your intention to appeal by contacting us here