Bayer U.S. Digital Accessibility Statement

Our Policy & Commitment

At Bayer U.S., we are committed to accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. As part of that commitment, we are making efforts to ensure that Bayer U.S.’s digital properties are accessible to all individuals, regardless of ability. In doing so, Bayer U.S. has a goal to comply if reasonably achievable with applicable accessibility standards included in the WCAG AA guidelines.

Digital Accessibility Statement

We are working to ensure our websites and online services are accessible for all and strive to follow the WCAG AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and any applicable web accessibility laws.  To accomplish this, we have partnered with, and utilized, industry-leading agencies and platforms to achieve and sustain consistency with accessibility guidelines.  Bayer U.S. continues to develop our digital accessibility program and capabilities as we seek to design, develop, and test our websites and online services for consistency with accessibility guidelines.


We want to hear from you. If you would like further information about Bayer U.S.’s accessibility efforts, have other accessibility questions or feedback, or encounter accessibility barriers on our digital properties, please contact us.

Last updated: 2023-12-14